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Website design with the Wayback Machine

30 years of internet can do a lot to various corporations of today. Indeed many of the designs that we see today are no longer the kind that was done in the previous years, technology and artistic ideas is ever evolving and in a business where the main goal is to attract customers, Web Design Malaysia industry leaders would tell you that it is imperative to constantly update your look. However, an interesting thing to note is the evolution of the design of these websites. Using the wayback machine, anyone can look through the multiple iterations of websites and what they’ve changed in order to keep their style up to date with the most popular trends at the time.

One that is a very interesting peek in design would be with the popular online retail site eBay which launched in 1995 and during that time many of the sites design was based on a simple html design. Because of this most of the texts that were displayed on the page were structured like a list vertically with blue and bolded and underlined link. Many of the designs were a result of the new discovery of the technology and would later change as the years go by, each categories are given a specific spot, boxed inside with borders to give customers an easy way to see the links that they are looking for. Advertisers are also placed on the sidebar and there is a featured product placed on the home page. Now in 2019, the products are colour coded so that people don’t have to look too specifically for the category that they are looking for, banners are displayed with it taking the width of the screen. Various CSS are used to create interesting graphics.

To conclude, the changes that eBay has made just goes to show how much design has changed to accommodate the many trends that have surfaced. This is the result of creativity being more easily created with no limitations.